The celebrated Roman temple

B&B Pantheon

The Pantheon in Rome is an ancient building that pays tribute to all the past, present and future divinities, one of the destinations that marks a memorable stay in the capital.

Consisting of a circular structure combined with a portico with Corinthian columns, the Pantheon has a balanced and harmonious architecture that will amaze and enchant you. The central dome is one of the largest in the world, a one-of-its-kind structure that makes the Pantheon a unique and inimitable building, absolutely a must visit while staying at your favorite B&B!

We will help you book according to your needs, access to the Pantheon is always free by appointment- choose a one-hour personalized guided tour to discover all its mysteries and learn about its characteristics.

Located a few steps from the B&B My Navona, the Pantheon enriches the artistic experience of the capital and makes your stay even more varied and fascinating.